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From renewable energy, energy conservation, carbon emissions reduction to sustainable architecture, 4 engineers from different sectors are pursuing their dreams by undertaking extraordinary projects, all for the common hopes of protecting the environment and creating a better Hong Kong.

1. Lok Fat-shing, site engineer of a power company in Hong Kong who has been involved in its research into renewable energy since the year 2000. He is taking a step forward in the development of sustainable power generation.

2. Mai Kwok-wah, a turbine engineer, is currently provides energy and carbon auditing services to various organisations, and aspires to create a social enterprise which combines environmental engineering consultancy with community environmental education.

3. Yau Man-hung, a sustainable development engineer who specialises in Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, which he uses to simulate and analyse the airflow within a district or given space. Architects and construction engineers can then use the resulting data to design energy-efficient buildings that take full advantage of natural ventilation and have zero impact on their surroundings.

4. Wong Tin-cheung, a civil engineer, also the vice chairman of a construction group. His dream is to construct a “five zeros” building within his lifetime – the “five zeros” being net zero carbon emissions, net zero energy, zero timber, net zero water and zero pollution.

Hong Kong Engineering & Dreams

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This is a 5-episode series which not only gives viewers an insight into Hong Kong’s unique engineering sector through detailed interviews, but also keeps them entertained with a drama segment based on each episode’s content.

The fictional narrative follows the life of its heroine, an aspiring engineer born in the 70s motivated by her father’s Good Samaritan ways. As viewers watch her grow up and embark on the journey to realising her dream, they also learn about the development and transformation of Hong Kong’s engineering sector.
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