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Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong

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With different religion and culture, how ethnic minorities in Hong Kong adapt the surroundings and finding their own joy in here?
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《Hong Kong My Home II》 Happy Together


《Hong Kong My Home II》 Happy Together

It’s not easy for people in foreign land to adapt to a different culture. Three husbands from the West left home for Hong Kong because of their wives, which sounds as romantic as in love films. After the romance is gone, however, there are a lot of problems to be dealt with in the reality of married life. Is “love” the solution for these three inter-racial marriages?

Twenty odd years ago, John, a British native, met Persis in his home country, who was travelling there. They married and moved to Hong Kong, and till now they have been living here together for 25 years. Now John can speak fluent Cantonese, and is teaching Linguistics in a university. John sets high standards for his teaching career because he has a sense of mission for this place. John’s determination to make his home in Hong Kong is obvious enough.

Andy comes from a tiny city in Germany. He has been in Hong Kong for two years, and is now working hard on learning Cantonese. In order to speed up Andy’s progress in learning the dialect, his wife Tracy even arranges her parents to hang around so that he has more exposure to the dialect in terms of speaking and listening. To assimilate on foreign soil, one has to embrace the unique local culture, which is of utmost importance. Fortunately, Andy is not alone when adapting to all these new things to him. He has the company of Tracy.

Brett comes from Canada. The time he has spent in Hong Kong is comparatively short. He met his wife Saron in Hong Kong, got married, and gave birth to a daughter who is now one year old. Speaking not a word of Cantonese, he did have struggles about adapting to her social circle. After their daughter was born, the couple had different views on how to bring up the kid, as one did it the Western way and the other the traditional Hong Kong way. In the end, it is communication and compromise that won the day. From another point of view, the appearance of Brett has also brought about subtle changes in Saron’s relationship with her folk, and the changes are all positive.
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