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Summer Music Special I – New Music: Teriver Cheung & Sotoc & Sea Island and Ferry


Summer Music Special I – New Music: Teriver Cheung & Sotoc & Sea Island and Ferry

This week and next, we’re dedicating the whole show to music, and – more specifically – performances by guests in our studio, something to help you sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home on these hot summer days. Today, we’re focusing on new music. In part two of the show, we’ll visit the Hong Kong Museum of Art to see an exhibition for which neo-chamber ensemble, Sea Island & Ferry composed original music. First though, someone who shouldn’t need much introduction as we’ve been following his music career since he returned from New York a long time ago. Guitarist and composer Teriver Cheung is here to tell us about a new album he’s co-written with fellow music director Sotoc.

At the Hong Kong Museum of Art, as part of a celebration of the museum’s 60th anniversary, the current exhibition “In-Between” combines works from four of the museum’s core collections with new ones by contemporary artists and designers. To accompany the exhibition, the ensemble Sea Island & Ferry was invited to compose and perform six original music pieces. They introduced one in our studio in June. While they were here, they also played an additional piece, “Enter/Exit”, composed for the artwork close to the exhibition entrance.

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