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Henry Steiner@M+, A Passion for Silk@City U & in the studio: RUMBU


Henry Steiner@M+, A Passion for Silk@City U & in the studio: RUMBU

Later on today’s show, we’ll catch up with countertenor RUMBU. He came to our studio in May of last year while still a student at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Now he’s graduated, and he’ll be back with us to keep us up to date with his latest music and projects. First though, a man whose works you see every day. You might even have samples in your wallets or pockets right now, or you may have encountered them on drink boxes or sugar packets, in shopping malls, hotels, and even here at RTHK. He is Henry Steiner, a designer who has for decades been creating graphic identities for both global and local brands.

For thousands of years, silk, the delicate yet durable natural fibre known for its lustre, shine, and strength has been associated with beauty and luxury. At the Indra and Harry Banga Gallery at the City University of Hong Kong’, you have a chance to learn more about silk’s 2000-year journey to the rest of the world in the exhibition, "A Passion for Silk: The Road from China to Europe".

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