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Now with Podcast, you can subscribe to audios and videos via the podcasting software. The latest audio and video contents will automatically reach at your fingertips for your regular check-out of their availability. You may also download the files and transfer them to play back anytime on a portable media player (mp3/mp4).
“HotPicks” provides playlists with episodes from different programmes, selected by editors, which are set around certain topics / current affairs that you may be interested in.
Addition to subscription, “HotPicks” provides the following functions:
  1. Play content of video or audio only.Enlarge
  2. Enable “Auto Play” to play all the content of the playlist by order.Enlarge* This function is not supported by mobile devices.
  1. Press the “magnifier” icon at the top of the page. Enlarge
  2. Input the programme title or other keywords inside the “Search Programme” field. Then, press the “magnifier” icon on the right hand side, or press the “Enter” key of your keyboard.Enlarge
  3. Base on the input, search result of related programmes / “HotPicks” themes / episodes would be provided.Enlarge

You may also browse for programme you may be interested by select “Categories” at the top of the page.

No. The “RTHK Podcasts” is a free service. You can subscribe to any programme you like.
Use iTunes to subscribe to and download RTHK programmes / “HotPicks” (Users should first load the iTunes software by themselves) :
  1. Press the “Subscribe” button of any programme / “HotPicks”, select “iTunes / iOS”.Enlarge
  2. In case of being enquired by the browser, please confirm to open the link with iTunes.Enlarge
  3. Upon successfully subscribe to a programme / “HotPicks”, the latest episode would be automatically added to the “Unplayed” list in iTunes. You may double click any episode in the “Unplayed” or “Feed” list of the subscribed programmes / “HotPicks” to play them online.Enlarge
  4. To download the episode, you may click the download button (the cloud icon) on the right hand side of the episode.Enlarge
  5. To download all the episodes available, you may select any of the episode in the feed, press Crtl + A to select all the episodes, then right-click and select “Download Episodes” from the pop-up menu.Enlarge
  6. To delete a downloaded episode, select the episode and right-click on it, select “Delete Download”.Enlarge

Users may also press the “Subscribe” button of any programme / “HotPicks” and select “RSS” to subscribe to our Podcast programmes, using browser add-ons or 3rd part software that support RSS feed subscription.

For iOS Users:
  1. If “Podcasts” is not pre-installed, please download and install "Podcasts" from App Store.Enlarge
  2. In the Podcast app, press the “Search” icon on the lower right hand corner. Input the RTHK programme title you would like to subscribe on the top of the screen.EnlargeEnlarge
  3. By pressing “Search” on the keyboard, you may get the corresponding RTHK podcasts in the search result.Enlarge
  4. Select the programme, and press “Subscribe” button at the right hand side of the programme title to subscribe to a programme.Enlarge
  5. Press “My Podcast” icon on lower left of the screen to find the subscribed programmes. By selecting any episode from the “Unplayed” or “Feed” list, the episode would be played online.Enlarge
  6. To download an episode for playing offline, you may press the “...” icon at the right hand side of every episode and select “Download Episode”.EnlargeEnlarge
  7. If you have to delete a downloaded episode, you may press the “...” icon at the right hand side of the downloaded episodes and select “Remove Download”.EnlargeEnlarge
For Android Users:

You may use any third party apps that support subscription to podcast, for example: Podcast Addict, to subscribe to RTHK’s podcast programmes / “HotPicks”.
* Please refer to developer’s manual or in-app instruction on how to use third party podcast apps.

Yes. You can click on the download button (see image) next to the selected programme once, and then follow the computer’s instruction.
Enlarge* This function is not provided by iOS devices.
No need. If your computer is readily connected to the internet, you may gain free access via free software, such as iTunes . You can also visit the RTHK Podcasts webpage to watch or listen the programmes directly.
The video format of RTHK Podcasts is MP4, whereas audios will be played on M4A and MP3 format. Most of the recent multimedia players (both hardware and software) support playback of M4A format. For users having difficulties play back M4A files, please update the multimedia player software / firmware, or switch to player that support M4A.