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《Gold Song Talk》 Learning.Embracing Friends


《Gold Song Talk》 Learning.Embracing Friends

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the “Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award”, the most long-lasting award ceremony for the Hong Kong pop music industry. We take this opportunity to produce “Gold Song Talk”, and invite various eminent singers to share their music journey, as well as to look forward to the future of the local pop music scene. The guests will visit different university campuses to interact with young students, in the hope of passing on the precious experience and wisdom of predecessors to the next generations.

In the first episode, Jacky CHEUNG, the “God of Song”, is invited to visit the Chinese University of Hong Kong to meet near a thousand of teachers and students. It is said that life itself is a song. Ever since his debut in 1984, Jacky has never ceased to learn. He has sung countless gold songs, each of which told a story that so many of us could relate to. In this episode, students from the Chinese University will choose three of Jacky’s songs which impressed them the most. Our “God of Song” will respond to the students and share his views on his musical career, family, friendship, as well as the future music scene.

Host: Erica LI (Renowned writer and lyricist)
Guest: Jacky CHEUNG
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