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Where the Fishes Dwell

Hong Kong has a rich marine ecology. What kind of creatures live in it? What impact will climate warming have on marine ecology? Doctor SCHUNTER Celia and her scientific research team have been involved in research from the baseline survey of local marine ecology and how fish adapt to the environment of ocean acidification. The vast sea is full of unknowns, waiting to be explored by the ecologists.

Hong Kong Ecologists 3

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We love the Nature and we often observe it, but this is not enough.
We need people to study the Nature, collect data and analyze.
Then they can let us and the society know the results of their work.
Only in this way can the ecology be benefited.

Many ecological researchers in Hong Kong have been engaged in scientific research work for many years.
Through the 8 episodes of half-hour programme “Hong Kong Ecologists 3”,
we hope that we can introduce to you the work of ecological researchers,
and let the public know more about their efforts.
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