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What Technology changes us?

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Technology has undeniably revolutionized our lives in different aspects. Is it good or bad? No matter what, we glad to know more about how it affects our life.
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《28 Tech》 Episode 12 - Disruptive Technologies


《28 Tech》 Episode 12 - Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive Technology is defined by Wikipedia as an innovation that helps create a new market and value network - eventually disrupting an existing one and displacing an earlier technology.

Although not every emerging technology will alter the way businesses operate, or how people live their lives, the speed at which today’s innovation is created and made available to global audiences means there is more disruption than ever before.

The relatively low cost of technology and eagerness of venture capitalists to discover and invest in the next big thing, make for a fertile environment. Nowhere else in the world is this more true than in the San Francisco Bay area where it seems almost everyone is innovating and disrupting.

My first guest is Chris Haroun. He is a San Francisco-Based partner at the Venture capital firm Artis and teaches at Hulti International business school. He gives an interesting insght into why  San Francisco isthe innovation mecca it is today and why no other place seems to match it.

My Next guest is the Managing Director of Uber’s Asia Pacific Region,  Sam Gellman. Hardly a week goes by without Uber being in the news for one reason or another. The company that disrupted the taxi industry in cities across the globe doesn't show any signe of slowing down. And, despite having to fight legal battles in almost every market it enters, investors continue to believe in the success of the company and pour capital into it. Sam tells me what are some of the key takeaways future disruptors can learn from Uber's experience. 
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