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What Technology changes us?

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Technology has undeniably revolutionized our lives in different aspects. Is it good or bad? No matter what, we glad to know more about how it affects our life.
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《28 Tech》 Episode 11 - Consumer Goods & Retail


《28 Tech》 Episode 11 - Consumer Goods & Retail


Online shopping is something most of us take for granted today. From groceries, to cars, just about anything can be purchased through the Internet. 
Also known as E-commerce, the trading of goods and services through a computer network, gained mainstream attention in the early nineteen-nineties when the Internet was opened to commercial use.

Since then the growth of online sales has been constant. Last year business to consumer sales -also known as B2C – were estimated to have amounted to 1.2 trillion US dollars worldwide.

Almost every industry has been impacted by Online shopping. But the one that has seen some of the greatest changes is the Consumer Goods and Retail sector.

Constantly evolving technology has played a big part in separating the winners form the losers

We’ve seen well-known brands disappear for not recognizing the eagerness with which consumers would shift their purchasing habits. And on the other hand, small businesses that managed to grow and reach international customers with limited resources and time.

My first guest is Julian Douch, a partner at Open Reply a digital branding agency that counts amongst its clients telecommunication, fashion, perfume and supermarket chains.

My second guest Charlie Bodycote, the managing director of Hong Kong-based agency Bolei Digital.
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