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What Technology changes us?

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Technology has undeniably revolutionized our lives in different aspects. Is it good or bad? No matter what, we glad to know more about how it affects our life.
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《28 Tech》 Episode 3 - Health, Fitness & Sports Performance


《28 Tech》 Episode 3 - Health, Fitness & Sports Performance

In the last few years, wearable devices, gadgets and apps that aim to help us become fitter, leaner and stronger have flooded the market. Tools that were once the domain of professional athletes are now widely available to the public. 

In this episode of 28 Tech, we look at what types of devices are the most effective and how technology is changing the way we train, as well as rest.

My first guest is the Editor in Chief for the gadgets and gizoms magazine T3 and online portal, Kieran Alger. He  is an avid runner, (14 marathons and 4 ultra marathons completed)  and reviews wearable devices and fitness tech. I talk to Kieran in this episode about how our obessin with wearable devices came about, what are the elements of a successful sports tech device and what he thinks is the future for fitness gadgets. 
You can read about Kieran's personal running achievements and tips on his website:

Tom Summers, my second guest, is the Director and Head Trainer at Hong Kong's Pinnacle Performance and an official Nike Athletic Trainer.  He has worked with professional cricket, rugby and football athletes in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe. I started off by asking Tom what defines an Athlete today. We also talked about the tracking tools professional athletes use today that are availble to all of us an how we can use their performance to improve ours. 
Tom can be found at

Mat Gallagher, the Managing Editor of Time Out Hong Kong and I sat down for a chat about fitness apps. Mat kicked off with an unusual, but fun app that has you running through the streets escaping Zombies. 

Here is the list of the apps we discussed, and a few more. 

Zombies Run  (by Six to Start) – Apple, Android
Health (by Apple) – Apple
Sleep Cycle (by Northcube) – Apple, Android
My Fitness Pal  (by My Fitness Pal)– Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows
Nike Training Club (by Nike) – Apple, Android, Windows
Map My Run (by Map my Fitness)– Apple, Android, Windows
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