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What Technology changes us?

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Technology has undeniably revolutionized our lives in different aspects. Is it good or bad? No matter what, we glad to know more about how it affects our life.
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《28 Tech》 Episode 1 - Technology in Travel


《28 Tech》 Episode 1 - Technology in Travel


This, the very first episode of 28 Tech is dedicated to travel and specifically the ways in which technology has impacted the way we choose our destinations, book our hotels and flghts, interact with the places and hotels we stay in - and much more. 

To talk to me about how the hospitality industry is adapting the latest in innovation is Robert Cheng, the Vice President of Marketing at the Peninsula Hotels.

Later in the show I talk to Chris Zeiher, who joins me from the Asia Pacific headquarters of the Lonely Planet in Melbourne, Australia. We talk about the ways in which the guidebook company has evolved from traditional publishing to keep up to date with social media and the evolving needs of the digital traveller. 

Napoleon Biggs, the founder of the oldest startup community in Hong Kong Web Wednesday, and I compare notes about the mobile apps we love and use when we we are globetrotting. 

Here is the list of the apps we discussed, and a few more. 

FlightTrack  (Mobiata) – Apple, Android
FlightBoard (Mobiata) – Apple, Android
Pack and Do Deluxe (Red Box Productions) – Apple, Android
Tripcase (Sabre) – Apple, Android
Waze – Apple, Android, Windows
Lingopal Lite – Apple, Android
Parkopedia – Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows
Tripadvisor – Apple, Android – Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows

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