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Extreme weather and global warming are threatening the world. It’s time to learn more about green lifestyle to save our world. ‘Go green’ now, reduce the use of energy and wastage disposal.
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《Nature and Man in One 2016》 Building Green (1)


《Nature and Man in One 2016》 Building Green (1)

Hong Kong is a highly densely-populated city characterized by its packed screen-like high rises. Not to mention the effects of solar radiation, multiple reflections and absorptions of sunlight between the buildings and the ground; the countless air-conditioners also contribute to the greenhouse effect, raising urban temperatures. Some 90% of electricity consumption in Hong Kong is consumed in buildings, the corresponding electricity generated accounting for over 60% of carbon emissions. Hence by promoting energy-efficient architecture could save on energy, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and slow down global warming effectively.
Green Building is a practice which seeks to reduce the environmental impact of buildings. Different regions have their green building certification systems based on local weather and environments, such as Hong Kong’s BEAM Plus and Singapore’s Green Mark schemes.
World-famous garden city Singapore has launched many green initiatives over the years. The government rolled out the Green Mark Scheme in 2005 to drive the constructions industry through legislations and incentives. Some 30% of Singapore’s building has been Green Mark certified and the government aims for 80% of all buildings in the city-state to be certified by 2030.
China might get a late start in green building, but it’s been playing catch-up in recent years. An indoor health index has been added to the green building rating criteria in recent years. An office in Shanghai not only has zero energy consumption, its designs and the furniture materials were selected based on the well-being of the staff. Occupant well-being parameters are the new global trend in green building.

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