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Extreme weather and global warming are threatening the world. It’s time to learn more about green lifestyle to save our world. ‘Go green’ now, reduce the use of energy and wastage disposal.
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《Exploring the Edible Planet》 Stop waste


《Exploring the Edible Planet》 Stop waste

In the farmlands in the neighborhood of Lisbon, Portugal, Kannie learns the inconvenient truth that one third of farm crops are rejected by unmerciful traders, supermarket buyers, and market shoppers, they could never make it to the markets, let alone our plates. Why? The only sin: they are born ugly and to a world in which people look for perfection. What is the fate of the uglies? Trash! Kannie meets two young game changers - Isabel Soares and Mia Canelhas, who are devoted to tell people ‘beautiful people eat ugly fruit’. They take Kannie along their rescue missions, to pick, taste and collect the otherwise in-the-trash crops. Kannie is eager to know, do the ugly fruits and vegetables, with black spots, rough skin and unorthodox shapes, qualities arousing anything but appetite, taste alright? Who is to blame if they are not eaten, the fruits or the consumers?

If one thinks that the two third of flawless vegetables and fruits can safely escape the fate of being buried in landfills, then s/he is wrong. In fact, consumers dump 40% of the food purchased by them. Raphael Fellmer, a German, calls for public awareness and a stop. He initiated ‘money strike’, living without money, and launched a food-sharing program, encouraging people to share surplus food with neighbors. Raphael has developed a team of volunteer food savers to build up communities all over Berlin for the mission. Their effort results in less food in the trash and more love in the communities. Intrigued by the effectiveness it works in Germany, Kannie shares the idea with Alvina Chan, a celebrity chef dedicated to serve the underprivileged. Together, they want to give it a try in Hong Kong. The midas touch of Alvina turned some stale overnight food residue into cuisine francaise. But can these two women find a like mind to share their passion, ideal, and more pressing, the food on the table?

20/4/2017 7:00 - 7:30pm TVB Pearl
21/4/2017 5:30 - 6:00pm RTHK31
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