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The Collectible Art Fair@HKAC, Neo Rauch@David Zwirner & in the studio: Yvonne Barrie Quintet


The Collectible Art Fair@HKAC, Neo Rauch@David Zwirner & in the studio: Yvonne Barrie Quintet

"The Collectible Art Fair”, which ended on 16th November, took place for the first time at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. It was organised by the arts centre’s education division, the Hong Kong Art School, and its alumni network. The exhibition features more than 300 artworks from over 200 artists, but it is neither a traditional art fair, nor a gallery exhibition. It is a platform through which current students, graduates, and other artists connected with a single art school were able to come together to show their works.

German painter Neo Rauch's exhibition at David Zwirner gallery is called “Feldzeichen”, which translates as “field signs”. At a first glance the large paintings seem realistic, containing recognisable human figures and objects. Look at them longer and they become more dreamlike and symbolic. Characters and objects recur, like an iron sign that also turns up in both “Sonne”, which means “sun” and “Trift” or “drift”. Other symbolic elements include butterflies and moths. The repeated elements become part of a common repertoire in the artist’s work.

Hailing originally from Scotland, vocalist Yvonne Barrie has been singing and teaching music in Britain, Korea, and now Hong Kong, for many years. With her jazz quintet, she and her fellow musicians, including her saxophonist husband, Bruce Hunnisett, combine jazz with Scottish and English folk tunes to tell their stories. They’re here to talk to us about their musical journey.

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