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MoA x Uffizi, “Titian & the Venetian Renaissance", Peaceful Colour@Sun Museum & in the studio: saxop


MoA x Uffizi, “Titian & the Venetian Renaissance", Peaceful Colour@Sun Museum & in the studio: saxop

In November 2019, shortly before the Hong Kong Museum of Art re-opened after its four-year renovation, it signed a memorandum with Italy’s Uffizi Gallery that under a five-year plan both establishments would co-operate on exhibitions and other cultural exchanges. The first selection of works from the Uffizi, focusing on Botticelli and the Renaissance in the 15th and 16th centuries, came to Hong Kong in 2020. A second exhibition of works from the gallery opened early this month. This time the subject is Titian and the Venetian Renaissance.

As soon as you walk into the exhibition here at The Sun Museum, the Chinese title 太平景象, the English title “Peaceful Colour”, and the paintings themselves, make it very clear this is an exhibition about Hong Kong. It focuses on daily Hong Kong life under the two mountains, Tai Ping Shan, otherwise known as The Peak, and the Lion Rock.
The exhibition features 140 paintings by 70 members of the Hong Kong Artists Society. In keeping with the Chinese literati tradition of giving small paintings as gifts, each artist created small 30 by 40 centimetre images, to depict Hong Kong subjects in a variety of materials and styles.

You won’t find saxophones in regular use in most orchestras, but as the four different types of saxophones in common use, and more than ten in the full saxophone family suggest, it is highly versatile. Chemie Ching, who you may have seen on The Works before, likes to play a wide repertoire of saxophone music in many genres, including jazz, pop, and classical. She’s here to tell us about her upcoming recital that highlights the diverse range of this instrument.

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