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Violinist Inmo Yang, Calligraphic texts@HKU Museum & Art Gallery, in the studio: Ron Ng Trio & Soul


Violinist Inmo Yang, Calligraphic texts@HKU Museum & Art Gallery, in the studio: Ron Ng Trio & Soul

Extemporisation or improvisation has long been part of classical music. Composers such as Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, and Liszt were all known for their improvisational skills. Apart from improvisation, many contemporary musicians also win praise for their ability to interpret well recognised pieces, playing them with a unique personality. For Korean violinist, Inmo Yang, exploring and interpreting the music of Sibelius and Paganini is a very personal journey.

Chinese calligraphic text, inscriptions and rubbings are the focus of the exhibition, “Kings’ Inscriptions · Contemporary Interpretations” at The University Museum and Art Gallery in The University of Hong Kong. The exhibition references not only the stone inscriptions once used to spread news of emperors but also modern works by self-proclaimed “kings”, like the King of Kowloon and Frog King, Kwok Mang-ho. It includes traditional and contemporary artworks by seven artists in a range of mediums that show Chinese characters and calligraphy being used to embody traditional values, cultural phenomena, and personal expression.

The “Carpio Brothers Quartet” was set up by Chris and Bernard Carpio with the aim of re-inventing the classic big-band sound for which their father Tony Carpio was known in Hong Kong since the early 1980s. In June, the brothers came to our studio to give us a preview of their new venture Soul Funk’d Ape, a modern jazz ensemble that plays in a range of genres, often creating original compositions. Then in July, guitarist Ron Ng was our studio guest. He also likes to move between genres, including jazz, blues, rock, funk, classical, and contemporary music. He came with his trio. Both groups gifted us with some extra pieces we’ve never shown you before. Today, we’re going to. First, Ron and his trio’s interpretation of Grant Green’s “Jean de fleur”. Then, Soul Funk’d Ape’s “Fly to Me”.

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