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The Soft Touch

Food is people’s paramount concern. To foodies, life would be colourless and of low quality if they could only eat puree when they get old. Sandy’s grandfather has swallowing difficulty, but he craves delicious food, prompting Sandy to be interested in the soft meal market. By coincidence, Sandy established the first food technology company developing soft meals in Hong Kong with 5 friends who share the same concern for elderly services, namely Abellona, Albert, Jim, Raymond and Aggie.

With the vision to improve elderly diet, they have won many innovation and technology competitions with their innovative soft meal technology and products, and
were selected for various incubation programmes. As such, they gained the seed money. Hong Kong population is continuously aging and there is a huge demand in elderly market. Facing the existing competitors, how can this startup company find its position in the market occupied by international brands? Moreover, the public has
insufficient knowledge about swallowing difficulty, and elderly homes have concerns about switching products. How should they employ different strategies to tackle the

The programme invited Francis NGAI, founder of Social Ventures Hong Kong, to share with them how to promote and publicise their business.

【Gen Z Meeting Room】
“People” is the foundation of a company. A company withers with a weak workforce, and prospers with a strong one. The key of management relates to how one deals with people and things. In this technology era, how much value of the operation of conventional commercial world is left? As a startup entrepreneur, how many things
one needs to miss and how many mistakes one needs to make before he or she comes up with the appropriate management philosophy?

This episode’s “Meeting Room”, Mr Ray CHAN, co-founder of the world’s largest “happiness sharing platform”, and Ms Rebecca LEUNG, former Regional Executive
Director, South East Asia, of an online travel platform, are invited to elaborate on the core values of new generation operation and management.

Gen Z Entrepreneurs

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In recent years, more and more young people quit their jobs and start their own businesses. Startups have been considered to be the engine for economic growth. According to the report of “the Startup Survey”, the number of startups in Hong Kong in 2021 has increased by 43% as compared to 2018.

“Gen Z Entrepreneurs” is a case-based programme about young entrepreneurs. From ideas to practice, we shall understand their entrepreneurial process. How difficult is it to run a profitable business?

Programme host LEUNG Ka-ki and veteran members of the industry will exchange views with young entrepreneurs to understand their business operations, answer their questions on operation or provide advice. In every episode, the “Meeting Room” segment will invite Chief Executive Officers or experienced operating officers from the business sector to chat with our host.

Young people are always enthusiastic, and sometimes impulsive. Some people prefer dreams come first and profit put aside; while some people find their business lucrative when they give it a try, and then immediately expand their business for a greater boom. The way of doing business is that one cannot be short-sighted, but one should focus on how to sustain robust development of one’s business. Through this programme, we hope that new entrepreneurs and the public will know more about the actual situation and knowledge of business operation.
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