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Entrepreneurship – An Obstacle Race


Entrepreneurship – An Obstacle Race

Entrepreneurship is not only an endurance race, but also an obstacle race. It is impossible to foresee what difficulties may arise.

Yannie, who has no experience in the catering industry, fulfilled her dream to open a 4-storey integrated shop in Central with her friends. From the retail industry to the catering industry, and from a 50 square feet to a 2,000 square feet shop, it has been a very difficult job, in terms of staff management and catering / menu design. When the situation slightly improved, another problem will arise. How should Yannie resolve this issue?

Under the pandemic, all industries are suffering. Sting SO and Ellen, who are lovers, are working in the advertising industry, and they both like to shop for second-hand goods. Their workload has substantially reduced amid the pandemic, and the idea of “why not open a shop” emerged when they were idle at home. After only three days, they rented a 70 square foot shop near Prince Edward and started a business that sells second-hand goods and old stories. Who said “Everything is difficult at the beginning”? At first, the turnover of the online store was good, and the two felt that everything was smooth. Surprisingly, upon calculation, they found that they had a five-digit loss, which was almost a year’s rent. What was the reason? In this episode, we invite Frankie, the owner of a Japanese style selection shop, to give the two some advice. What is the secret of operating a selection shop in Hong Kong?

【Gen Z Meeting Room】
In this episode’s “Meeting Room”, we have Simon WONG and Ray TSUI, our two star CEOs, to share with us on the way to entrepreneurship, can “passion” alone bring success? Or “knowing the figures” is in fact the key to success?

Gen Z Entrepreneurs

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In recent years, more and more young people quit their jobs and start their own businesses. Startups have been considered to be the engine for economic growth. According to the report of “the Startup Survey”, the number of startups in Hong Kong in 2021 has increased by 43% as compared to 2018.

“Gen Z Entrepreneurs” is a case-based programme about young entrepreneurs. From ideas to practice, we shall understand their entrepreneurial process. How difficult is it to run a profitable business?

Programme host LEUNG Ka-ki and veteran members of the industry will exchange views with young entrepreneurs to understand their business operations, answer their questions on operation or provide advice. In every episode, the “Meeting Room” segment will invite Chief Executive Officers or experienced operating officers from the business sector to chat with our host.

Young people are always enthusiastic, and sometimes impulsive. Some people prefer dreams come first and profit put aside; while some people find their business lucrative when they give it a try, and then immediately expand their business for a greater boom. The way of doing business is that one cannot be short-sighted, but one should focus on how to sustain robust development of one’s business. Through this programme, we hope that new entrepreneurs and the public will know more about the actual situation and knowledge of business operation.
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