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Mobile theatre: The Happy Poor Guys, "Why Print 2" & in the studio: pianist Olli Mustonen


Mobile theatre: The Happy Poor Guys, "Why Print 2" & in the studio: pianist Olli Mustonen

In the old days, popular entertainment in Hong Kong was closely related to traditional customs and practice, often part of celebrations of birthdays or deities or festivals.
Most of the entertainment took place outdoors, or even on the streets and in the markets. Dragon dances, lion dances, outdoor Cantonese opera, martial arts displays … all were sometimes part of the vibrant “tai tat tei” or flea market culture. That nostalgic ambience is currently being brought to life again in a project called “Mobile Theatre: The Happy Poor Guys”. 28 pop-up performances in different outdoor locations around Hong Kong bring back memories of the now disappeared markets.

Artists David Jasper Wong and Lam King Ting specialise in printmaking, especially in using historical printing techniques. In 2015, the pair set up a workshop called Marble, Print & Clay. Now in its second edition, the workshop’s exhibition, “Why Print 2”, running in Sham Shui Po until 19th January, features works by 18 local and overseas artists.

December 16th or thereabouts this year – there is some uncertainty - is the 250th anniversary of the birth, in the city of Bonn, of Ludwig van Beethoven. In celebration, the maestro’s work is being highlighted all around the world throughout the year. Germany, in particular, is going all out for the anniversary, with more than 700 events planned. Here in Hong Kong, as one part of the celebration, Beethoven’s music is highlighted in an upcoming concert organised by Premiere Performances.
The Finnish pianist and composer, Olli Mustonen, is one of today’s foremost interpreters of Beethoven’s work. The programme includes 12 Variations on the Russian Dance and the Appassionata sonata, as well as two of Mustonen’s own compositions, one of them “Taivaanvalot”, in its Asian premiere.

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