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Yim Tin Tsai Art Festival, Eric Fok's wood paintings & in the studio: guitarist & composer, Tsui Chi


Yim Tin Tsai Art Festival, Eric Fok's wood paintings & in the studio: guitarist & composer, Tsui Chi

We take a boat ride from Sai Kung to Yim Tin Tsai, an island once populated by fishermen and salt farmers, but that gradually became deserted as people moved to the city. But there are now new signs of life in Yim Tin Tsai. Designated a heritage site, it’s now become an open museum, and even has an art festival. The one-month long Yim Tin Tsai Art Festival is part of a three-year pilot scheme to promote the island’s unique culture and history.

Eric Fok uses motifs from different historical periods in his paintings. In his second exhibition, “Notes On the Future”, on show at the Karin Weber Gallery until the beginning of December, Fok examines possible futures of Hong Kong and Macau, with particular reference to themes such as the Age of Exploration, colonization and globalization. For the works in this show he’s also merging inspiration from local movies, such as Wong Kar-wai’s “2046” and Stephen Chow’s “From Beijing With Love”, with images of period architecture and meticulous detail. And he’s painting on a new medium for him: wood.

Composer and guitarist Tsui Chin-hung studied music in Los Angeles. He went on to study film scoring and conducting in Boston. Since graduating from the Berklee College of Music with a major in composition, he has composed for a variety of media and forms. He has created works for films, ballet, pop music, and even a Buddhist monastery. He has also worked with many Cantopop singers and he’s here right now.

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