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Joyful Journeys

Hong Kong is an international metropolis that draws in expats and tourists from around the world. Currently, over 60 countries have established consulates general in the city. In addition to serving as a bridge in trade and commerce, they are also tasked with the promotion of cultural exchange. Over the past eight episodes, we interviewed the Consuls General of Ireland, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Qatar, Germany, and South Africa. Together, we embarked on a voyage of cultural exchange through activities related to various aspects of daily life, such as food, art, and festivities. The consuls general gave us a better understanding of their respective countries’ cultures and values, while also learning about local heritage and customs.
In this episode, we will look back on the highlights and relive these joyful journeys full of cultural colour.

Voyage with Ambassadors

Hong Kong is an international city. Currently, there are over 60 countries that have established consulates in Hong Kong, serving as a bridge for their nationals to engage in business, trade, and cultural exchange with Hong Kong.

In this program, hosts Chris Leung and Mishy Lee will serve as cultural ambassadors of Hong Kong, engaging in in-depth cultural exchange with consuls general stationed in Hong Kong. They will lead the consuls general to discover traditional festivals, tourist attractions, and other aspects of Hong Kong, showcasing the city's diverse and dynamic cultural charm as a metropolis.
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