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Hong Kong athletes have achieved excellent performance in various international sports events. Have a look at their interviews to know more about their lives as an athlete.
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《Sports for All》 Airsoft IPSC


《Sports for All》 Airsoft IPSC

Airsoft IPSC (IPSC) is a sport that requires speed and accuracy. Shooters are to get the highest point possible in the shortest time in every round of a competition. Winning or losing is often decided within seconds. The keys include how fast a shooter pulls out his gun, physical reaction, limb coordination and memory strength. IPSC differs from wargame, in which players rival in a battle, that IPSC shooters do not target at human or animals, but only paper and metal dartboards. IPSC stresses the importance of discipline and safety, as well as the advocation of a positive attitude in shooting.

Coach For All: William WOO, IPSC Coach

William WOO, also known as “Sir Macho”, started to learn IPSC in 1999, making him an IPSC pioneer in the city. In 2008, he was awarded Hong Kong Airsoft Practical Shooting Confederation’s champion shooter of the year. WOO founded HK Shooters in 2009 and became their vice-chairman. During 2009 to 2011, he coordinated training courses for IPSC coaches in the territory. From 2011 to 2013, he was the chief coordinator of the Hong Kong Open Airsoft IPSC Shooting Competition (HONG KONG OPEN). WOO has always been a key personnel in the local arena of IPSC.

Athlete For All: Helen, Chocolate, Charlene

Guns give a rather macho impression, but in this episode we will invite three heroines to accept a challenge! In addition to an instructor of tabletop games, Helen is also a queen of computer games. She definitely knows the tricks of shooting games as the champion of a computer game competition, and is determined to achieve her goal this time! Social worker Chocolate is active in theatre, energetic and excels in everything from swimming and waterskiing to hiking. She will absolutely spare no effort in this challenge. The seemingly quiet and inactive Charlene proves to be a sport enthusiast whose hobbies include horse riding and running. Eager to win, she will try to attain the best results possible for sure. This time, they are to take up the challenge of entering a competition’s open division for beginners after only two months of training, vowing to win the championship!
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