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Hong Kong athletes have achieved excellent performance in various international sports events. Have a look at their interviews to know more about their lives as an athlete.
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《Sports for All》 Roller Skating


《Sports for All》 Roller Skating

Roller Skating was extremely popular in the 1980’s both as a recreational sport and a trend. In the mid and late 1990’s, inline roller skating started to gain popularity. With its improved equipment that makes it easier for skaters, it has become a hit in Europe and America, and even developed into a professional sport.

There are several types of roller skating sports – speed skating, artistic roller skating, freestyle skating, inline hockey, and rink hockey. Now included in tournaments in many places around the globe, speed skating is also featured in its own sport competitions.

Coach For All: Angie WONG
A retired local roller skater, Angie has loved the sport ever since her first time skating at the age of eight. In fact, it was her mother who liked roller skating in the first place but lacked an opportunity to skate. When the chance came, she encouraged Angie to give it a try. Angie was reluctant at first, yet skated for four hours after entering the rink.

Later, Angie went to practise nearly every day. The rink in Victoria Park was basically her second home. There she met a lot of like-minded friends and trained many students. She focused on artistic roller skating earlier, but later switched to speed skating.

Angie’s best result is winning the first runner-up in a national Chinese contest in 2001. Afterwards, she retired to study in Australia, deciding to leave the roller skating arena for good. Unexpectedly, her younger sister’s fame and outstanding performance in roller skating contests made her eager to skate again, and so she returned to the scene of roller skating. Now she is mainly devoted to the work of a coach and a judge, as well as the promotion of roller skating. She often steers athletes from various regions to competitions in different parts of the world.

Athlete For All: Charmaigne, Jamie, Mike, Martin, Richard, Tingki, Wing

In Hong Kong, children and teenagers make up the majority of learners of roller skating. This time, however, we will be training adults who are also parents!

They are all over thirty years old. As parents, they experience immense pressure from everyday life, family and work. They spend most of their energy and time on their children, which leaves them minimal time for physical exercise. Yet these parents have decided to leave their family behind for a moment to put on the skating shoes and take up the challenge of learning a new sport.

Their challenges include a speed skating race in which speed is the key to winning, and an obstacle course that requires simple figure skills. Finally we will see whether they can manage a freestyle roller skating race that demands sophisticated techniques.
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