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Hong Kong athletes have achieved excellent performance in various international sports events. Have a look at their interviews to know more about their lives as an athlete.
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《Sports for All》 Freestyle Football I


《Sports for All》 Freestyle Football I

Football is not only about two teams fighting for victory on the field, but also an opportunity for footballers to showcase a wide spectrum of tricks. Freestyle football, involving difficult moves of ball control using various body parts, is an incredible spectator sport.

Coach For All: Freestyle Footballer Lyson SZE

Lyson first came across football in Secondary Three. A former member of the Wan Chai Youth Football Team, he was known as a “ball hog” in the team, mesmerized by footwork and sets of tricks that were fluent and elegant, and less concerned with winning as a team and the scores. Lyson later started strenuous training in freestyle football, devoting himself to an unconventional football journey in this city.

In 2010, Lyson won the championship in the Hong Kong Freestyle Football Competition. In 2014, winning the first place in the Freestyle Football World Cup (Shanghai) rendered him the first Chinese ever to enter the final round of the contest. He was even the first runner-up in the China Freestyle Football Championship in 2015. Despite having garnered accolades one after another, Lyson has in fact encountered difficulties of all kinds these years before being able to establish his status as the first full time pro freestyle footballer of the territory.

Athlete For All: PE Teachers Pui, Kay and Samuel

PE teachers surely hope that students are keen to attend their PE lessons. Teaching and learning will both be more effective if students are interested in the kind of sport taught. Freestyle football happens to be a sport that many students find enchanting. Therefore, hoping to introduce this fascinating sport to their students, three PE teachers from three different primary schools will participate in the freestyle football training this time, to learn making fluent and elegant moves so as to achieve the state of “player and ball in one”.

After receiving the dedicated instruction from Lyson SZE, the three PE teachers set foot in the world of freestyle football and start learning the five basic moves, including Neck Stall, Push Up, Crossover, Around The World and Blocking. However, they also have a taste of the profundity and difficulty of these moves while they are immersed by the exquisite skills of Lyson. After their hectic teaching schedules, they still need to undergo intensive training. Will their effort help them learn these five basic moves?
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