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Hong Kong athletes have achieved excellent performance in various international sports events. Have a look at their interviews to know more about their lives as an athlete.
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《Sports for All》 Challenge


《Sports for All》 Challenge

Sports are not confined to exercising; sports are also a self-challenge. Elders aged over 60 learning synchronised swimming is a challenge against age; visually-impaired persons learning to row canoes and dragon boats is a challenge against physical handicaps; indoorsmen learning rock-climbing is a challenge against personalities; and office workers learning street workout is a challenge against time.

All kinds of challenges allure people from all cross of life to become athletes and learn sports that they have never come across in months to half a year from experienced coaches. In the first episode, we grant the audience a first glimpse of the programme, wherein not only a myriad of sports and challenges are introduced, but also the passion and mettle of the coaches and athletes are presented for the audience to witness.

In addition, a group of celebrities responds to the call of the programme and challenges against sports which they have never encountered.

Rex TSO X Street Workout
Although Rex TSO, the“Wonder Boy”, is captivated by boxing, he is interested in other sports as well. He will make his first attempt at street workout and challenge himself in performing advanced moves such as Bar Dance and Human Flag. How will he perform?

Stephanie AU X Roller Skating
Stephanie AU, the “Mermaid”, is a record holder in various swimming events in Hong Kong, but she confesses her dislike to onshore sports. She will try roller skating for the first time, and she is prepared for the many falls that she anticipated. Will this end up as she expected?

Akina FONG & Gregory Charles RIVERS X Airsoft Practical Shooting
Akina FONG and Gregory Charles RIVERS have known each other for years, but to our surprise, they challenge each other this time by going head to head in airsoft practical shooting. Will Gregory take the upper hand in this masculine sport or will it favour the consistently unflappable Akina?

Pakho CHAU & Team Kirin X Basketball
Team Kirin consists of young members who love basketball, and they will have to compete against Mediators, a stronger team. In the face of such formidable challenge, Pakho CHAU who used to participate in the Hong Kong Basketball Association will exchange experience with Team Kirin in person in the hope of inspiring the team. What will Pakho CHAU, a basketball devotee, say to these young lads?
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