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Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong

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With different religion and culture, how ethnic minorities in Hong Kong adapt the surroundings and finding their own joy in here?
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《Hong Kong My Home II》 Wisdom Forever


《Hong Kong My Home II》 Wisdom Forever

Ethnic minorities find it formidable to find their feet in the society as they always have to work twice as hard as the locals. It may make things easier if they have company in their drudgery. In Hong Kong, there are two locals who have witnessed the growth of an Indian youngster and have become his guardian angels on this journey.

KO Wing-chi, a.k.a. KJ, is an Indian boy who was born in Hong Kong. He is 16 and now studying in secondary four. KJ is a committee member of the student association as well as the president of the “Virtue” Society. He is also a sunshine boy who excels at the popular beat box and he always performs outside on behalf of his school.

JIM Siu-bo is an 18-year-old secondary six student who was born in Hong Kong, and he is also a member of the Beat Box Club.

Three years ago, the two with such disparate backgrounds came across each other because of beat box, and they had eventually become best friends forever. They two learn from each other and take care of each other. It is hard for us to imagine that sharing feelings to each other is what these two robust boys do most.

Although the two study in different grades, they are inseparable like cheek by jowl both inside and outside school. JIM Siu-bo is KO Wing-chi’s first teacher in beat box, and they do everything from playing basketball to skateboarding together. It is an antithesis of the idea that true friendship can never be realised between ethnic minority students and local students since integration among them is difficult.

Besides KJ’s peers, WONG Kin-ho, the teacher responsible for counselling ethnic minorities at school, also has great impact on him. The teacher-student bond between the two has now grown into something like a father-son one. Mr. WONG is more than a Chinese language teacher but a mentor that beacons KJ’s life.

Two Hong Kong people not only have greatly influenced KO Wing-chi, they have also become his witnesses and guardian angels on his way towards another direction in life.
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