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Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong

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With different religion and culture, how ethnic minorities in Hong Kong adapt the surroundings and finding their own joy in here?
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《Hong Kong Stories 37 - Connect with a Cause》 Fighting for Pride


《Hong Kong Stories 37 - Connect with a Cause》 Fighting for Pride

Behind our bustling metropolis, there are nearly 10 000 asylum seekers who have left their homeland. They are filing non-refoulement or torture claims to the SAR government, and all they can do is to wait while they can’t plan for their future. Asylum seekers cannot work here; with too much time and too little assistant payment, it is easy for them to take the wrong path.

Football school coach Medard founded the All Black FC (Football Club), so that a group of Africans who love football can find something to work on and develop good discipline and habits. Black players have good skill, fitness and speed. When playing the local teams, they often give their opponents hard times. Many local teams who dare to challenge themselves are eager to play with All black FC.

Although the team is approved by many people in the football world, the development of the team is hindered by its identity issues, and there are local amateur leagues that reject All Black FC’s participation. Medard says it does not matter, for maybe they can organize their own competitions, and welcome all community groups to participate. In fact, there should be no boundary to football, and All Black FC is also no longer limited to African players. Young players, including locals and ethnic minorities, have been attracted to join the team.

People may have an uncertain future when they are away from their homeland, but as long as they have good hearts and a never-give-up spirit, they can still fight for their pride in the face of adversity.
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