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《Transformers》 Raymond Fung and James Law


《Transformers》 Raymond Fung and James Law

Is the architectural design in Hong Kong boring in recent years? Is it dehumanized?

Is being a “small but densely populated” city the biggest obstacle to the development of architectural design in Hong Kong?

How can the general public improve their ability to appreciate architecture so as to change the future direction of architecture in Hong Kong?

Our programme host, Raymond Young, invites experienced architect Raymond FUNG and emerging architect James LAW to engage in a cross-generational conversation, covering topics ranging from their own architectural concepts to the development prospects of the young architects in Hong Kong.

From Tin Shui Wai in Hong Kong, we travel to Mumbai in India to Dubai in the Middle East, to take a look at their architectural works, and understand how the structures can integrate into the nature and how the structures in the future can merge with innovation and technology, so that our living space can continue to embrace bright sunshine, fresh air and clean water, and even resolve the “small but densely populated” dilemma.

In face of the bureaucratic system in Hong Kong, the developers’ lack of quest for creativity, and an international market full of architecture superstars, how can our two architects overcome the difficulties step by step to achieve their own architectural dreams?
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