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That’s Hong Kong spirit!

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We always heard “Diligent” to describe Hong Kong people. They work hard to strive for a better future. Let’s take a look some of their stories.
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《Midnight Workers 2016》 On Call


《Midnight Workers 2016》 On Call

Public hospitals that operate around the clock are brightly lit at night.
As a surgeon, Shannon (Dr. Shannon-Melissa CHAN) has to work on night shifts from time to time. Strictly speaking, her working hours go beyond the evenings as she works ceaselessly day and night for over thirty hours during which an empty stomach is usually in tow for more than ten hours.
At night time, manpower in public hospitals is less compared to that at any time. Take the Department of Surgery which Shannon belongs to as an example, there are approximately 120 in-patients under the care of merely three duty doctors without even taking into account the number of patients admitted for emergency treatment. All doctors have to perform surgeries, conduct ward rounds and carry out routine checks, with incessant duties in tandem. They also need to be on call at any time in case of emergencies.
Dr. WU Chi-yuen (Justin) is a specialist doctor in Gastroenterology as well as a professor in the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics with over twenty years of experience as a medical practitioner, and he is now the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Besides daily duties as a doctor, Justin also needs to perform clinical teaching, carry out medical research projects and take care of a mountain of managerial and administrative work, which make Justin work late into the night everyday just to handle the abovementioned work. If any complex cases come up, he has to go back to the hospital to help. No matter he is putting his daughter to sleep or dwelling in his dream, when his pager beeps, he must hurry back to the hospital. Weekends might not necessarily be holidays as he always needs to attend different conferences and academic exchange programmes overseas on behalf of the hospital or perform teaching tasks.
Justin has to handle works in different areas but he is reluctant to drop any of them. As a doctor, clinical duties are naturally very significant, and taking care of patients personally always provides him with the greatest sense of satisfaction. However, he believes that works in other areas such as medical research, policy and education are integral parts of the long-term development in the healthcare sector, and he finds pleasure in making contribution.
Producer: Fu Sze-chung
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