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Challenges in the Wild

Although Hong Kong has mountainous terrain and shortage of flat land, the highest mountain here is not even higher than 1000 m above sea level, thus it is not even close to measure up against the famous mountains and rivers overseas. However, the countryside of Hong Kong is within easy reach from urban areas which allows the public to take on the challenges from the nature. This kind of easy access is very rare around the globe. Coupled with Hong Kong’s precipitous landscape, it is perfect for outdoor challenge activities.

One of these activities is canyoning, which has not been introduced to Hong Kong until recent years. Euphoric excitement is brought about by the cliffy escarpments and roaring torrents which make every participant’s step a nerve-wracking challenge.

In addition, the craggy boulders and upright rock faces strewn around offer venues of different difficulties for attempting bouldering and rock-climbing.
In this episode, our hostess Charlene will attempt all the aforementioned activities and take you all on a challenging journey exclusive to Hong Kong.

Producer: Manfred Chow

Hong Kong Stories-Rediscover Hong Kong

We Hongkongers are enthusiastic about travelling and we trek around the globe. When it comes to travelling within Hong Kong though, we are simply not interested. We never consider the place our first choice as a destination, not to mention digging deeper into it.

“What does Hong Kong have to offer?” That’s our question.

In “Hong Kong Stories – Rediscover Hong Kong”, guests from various sectors and with different interests and specialties are invited to design “alternative” travel routes together with the host, for the purpose of travelling around Hong Kong in their own way. In each episode, by travelling within Hong Kong in the unorthodox way, we re-examine, relearn and rediscover Hong Kong – a place we thought we knew so well since we-don’t-know-when.
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