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Episode 6 - Faride Shroff and Jeffrey Andrews


Episode 6 - Faride Shroff and Jeffrey Andrews

Today marks the end of Yanto Yan series – an exploration of Hong Kong’s Indian community. On this final episode, Reenita Malhotra Hora talks with Faride Shroff and Jeffrey Andrews, two members of the community who are working hard to impact social change for minorities.

Yanto Yan - An Exploration of Hong Kong's Indian Community

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Yanto Yan - literally translated, this means "Indian."

Stalwarts of the local community, the Hong Kong Indians have made a significant impact on the SAR. In the pre-war period, there were about 7,000 Indians in Hong Kong, most of them soldiers and early traders. Today this number has increased to around 25,000 an you can find them in just about any profession.

In this special 6 episode series, Reenita Malhotra Hora embarks on a series of conversations with the Indian community of Hong Kong.
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