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#10 Savour of Sham Shui Po


#10 Savour of Sham Shui Po

Document people’s stories at a location in each episode.
#10 Savour of Sham Shui Po
Filming location: Society for Community Organization in Sham Shui Po
Producer: Cheung Sau-kuen

Now: In the Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report 2018, before taking into account government intervention, 1.406 million people (around 1/5 of the population) are living below poverty line, hitting the highest record.

Here: Sham Shui Po is poverty-stricken district. Although the people are living in small flats with poor living conditions, this place is full of human warmth.

Hong Kong Stories - Here and Now (English Version)

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There are different stories for the people in the same space day or night.
This documentary captures people’s daily lives and shows the uncertainties and the beauty of life.
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