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Deadly construction accident in West Kowloon / Sangxigdui relics / Asian Games


Deadly construction accident in West Kowloon / Sangxigdui relics / Asian Games

 On Thursday's Backchat, we discuss calls to strengthen construction safety, following a tragic accident at an MTRC-managed site where two workers died of suspected biogas inhalation.

The pair were replacing the air-conditioning cooling pipes of the Elements shopping mall in West Kowloon on Saturday, but failed to return home on time, prompting their relatives to contact the site's operators.

It was only on the next morning that the two victims were found by paramedics, six metres below ground. They were pronounced dead shortly after.

How come nobody noticed their presence? What are the regulations like when dealing with underground environments? And how can such accidents be mitigated?

After 9:40, we learn more about the Sanxingdui relics, displayed at the Hong Kong Palace Museum until January 8.

At 9:55, we get an update on the Asian Games.

9:05am-9:40am: Deadly construction accident in West Kowloon

9:05am-9:15am: Pan Pey-chyou, former FTU lawmaker 
9:05am-9:40am: Alfred Tang, Honorary Secretary, Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers
9:05am-9:40am: Wong King, Former President of the Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialists and underground utility investigation consultant

9:40am-9:55am: Sangxingdui relics

9:40am-9:55am: Lam Weng Cheong, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Department of History, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

9:55am-10:00am: Asian games

9:55am-10:00am: Jamie Clarke, RTHK's sports reporter


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