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Calls to implement a cybersecurity law / Promoting the love of reading / Asian Games


Calls to implement a cybersecurity law / Promoting the love of reading / Asian Games

 On Wednesday's Backchat, we’re discussing calls for a cybersecurity law, following a spate of hacking attacks targeting local institutions.

Only days after tech hub Cyberport confirmed a leak exposing 400GB of personal data, the Consumer Council too announced that its computer servers were hacked in a ransomware attack, compromising the data of around 25,000 individuals, including subscribers of CHOICE magazine.

Critics have long called on the public and private sectors to strengthen their cyber defences, with some suggesting the enactment of laws that would give more liability to entities found to have inadequate defences.

How far ahead are hackers? Can we still catch-up? And are more regulations the solution?

After 9:40, we talk about the government's drive to promote reading amongst the city's youngsters.

And at 9:55am we get an update on the Asian Games.

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9:05am-9:40am: Cybersecurity

9:05am-9:40am: Michael Gazeley, Founder and Managing Director of Network Box Corporation
9:05am-9:40am: Dominic Wai, Partner, ONC Lawyers

9:40am-9:55am: Promoting the love of reading

9:40am-9:55am: James Chong, Founder & CEO of Rolling Books

9:55am-10:00am: Asian Games

9:55am-10:00am: Jamie Clarke, RTHK's sports reporter


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