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Election committee; career opportunities in the mainland


Election committee; career opportunities in the mainland

8:30am-9:15am: election committee

8:30am-9:15am: Chris Yeung, Political Analyst; former chairperson of Hong Kong Journalists Association

9:00am-9:15am: Nixie Lam, elected Election Committee member, Representatives of Hong Kong members of relevant national organisations

9:15am-9:30am: career opportunities in the mainland

9:15am-9:30am: Stanley Choi, standing committee member, All-China Youth Federation

On Monday's Backchat: Voting for the Election Committee; and career opportunities in the mainland.
Nearly 90% of about 4,900 eligible voter have cast their ballots in the Election Committee subsector elections held yesterday. They were deciding on 364 seats in the 13 of 40 subsectors which were being contested.
The voting was taking place under a new electoral system following the Central Government’s  overhaul, designed to ensure that only those regarded as patriots can be in positions of authority. The 1,500-member Election Committee is made up of five big sectors, with 40 subsectors that include representatives from businesses, professional bodies, labour and religious groups, as well as national legislators and groups that have ties to the central authorities.
It was a very different looking exercise from previous occasions, with the number of individual voters greatly reduced, and largely replaced by corporate votes. We’ll be taking a close look at the changed political landscape.
Meanwhile the head of the Electoral Affairs Commission has apologized a delay in the announcement of the full results, saying it appeared there’d been problems with ballot verification papers.

After 9:15am, we’re looking at career opportunities in the mainland, with the All-China Youth Federation announcing 40,000 jobs and internships to young people from Hong Kong in the next five years.


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