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Backchat - Commission of Inquiry; Controversy in New Year Market


Backchat - Commission of Inquiry; Controversy in New Year Market

On Wednesday's Backchat, how would a Commission of Inquiry work?
Last week, the Hong Kong Bar Association published a research paper that proposes
establishing a COI into the social unrest, with suggestions on terms of reference and
membership. It would at specific events, as well as issues, including the use of force by
police, the response by the Government, political neutrality of civil servants, and
sources of funding for and management of participants in the unrest. It also explains
why such an inquiry is needed.

Though many leading figures agree with the idea of a COI, the Administration seems set
against it, preferring the existing IPCC mechanism, and a review committee that would
look at the causes of unrest, but without statutory powers. What's your take? What are
the pros and cons? Surveys suggest most people want a COI - why is the Administration

8:30-9:20 Anita Yip SC, Vice-chair, Hong Kong Bar Association

8:30-9:00 Chris Yeung, Political Analyst and Chief writer of Citizen News

9:00-9:20 Michael Tien, Roundtable party lawmaker

From 9:20-9:30, we'll be looking into controversies over sales in this year's New Year
market in Victoria Park.
:9:20--9:30 Avery Ng, Chairman, League of Social Democrats


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