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A Wish Fulfilled

A bowl of ordinary cart noodles is not only an inheritance of craftsmanship. It also a dream come true for Chris’ parents.

Cart noodles were first sold from push carts by illegal itinerant cooked food hawkers years ago, and the grassroots were their target customers. The choices of toppings were limited and the ingredients used were all of poor quality. As the society advanced, cart noodles have become a trendy food item nowadays, with the types of toppings greatly increased and the quality of ingredients vastly improved.

Chris’s parents lived in the old Sau Mau Ping Estate during 1970’s. They sold cart noodles to support their family of six. In the early 1990’s, the old Estate was demolished in phase for rebuild. As a result, Chris’s parents had no choice but to terminate their business. Since they could not afford to rent a shop, their wish to reopen the cart noodle business was put aside for more than two decades.

Two years ago, as Chris’s mother fell ill, Chris resigned from her job and took care of her mother. Last year, she opened a cart noodle shop to fulfil her parents’ dream.

Hong Kong Stories - Tastes of Home

Taste brought up feelings and memories, where the stories would be unfolded. This series told the stories of Hong Kong people through local food. The kind of food is common, yet special, a specialty in Hong Kong.
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