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The Inexplicable Love

It is said that there is always a reason behind hatred, while love exists without explanations.
When a dog with a tumor on the neck was given up by its caretaker, some volunteers tried to rescue it at all costs. Is the dog willing to take their offer?

A mother is exhausted taking care of her son diagnosed with a rare disease. She always teases him and says, “let’s break up”.

Two youngsters love tricking so much that they would imagine themselves making a back somersault even on a wheelchair. Such an inexplicable passion is a blessing for young people.

This episode comprises three works by students from the School of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Academy for
Performing Arts, telling the love and passion of a few Hong Kong people.

Humanity Stories II

What makes us human?
Despite differences in ethnicity, culture and language, it's always the same matters that make us laugh or cry.
We can equally be inspired by others' pursuit of justice and touched by their acts of valiance.
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