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It is Not As Simple As 123


It is Not As Simple As 123

It is Not as Simple as 123

Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence (2015/2016)
(Mathematics Education Key Learning Area)
School: HKUGA Primary School
Awardees: Sung Po-wa, Chung Kim-fung

In addition to memorising formulas and doing calculation exercises, games can also be a part of math class – playing can lead to enthusiastic discussions all the same. Mr. Sung and Mr. Chung have selected a group of students with higher math ability to participate in an assessment-free “enrichment course”. The teachers turn daily life incidents into math games, problem solving tasks, and research projects to challenge their students and stimulate their thinking, so as to let them understand that mathematics is not just about calculating the correct answer.

The “enrichment course” involves research projects which look into traffic problems and even landing device experiments. The two teachers encourage their students to ask questions, look for the flaws in their processes themselves, work together to find solutions, and summarise their results in reports. As the course progresses, in addition to subconsciously integrating all the mathematical concepts they have learned, the students are able to exercise their creativity to the fullest, and also become better at expressing themselves.

Although not every student finds Math fascinating, after taking the amusing “enrichment course” for three years, students will automatically take it upon themselves to solve the problems they encounter and learn proactively. Mr. Sung and Mr. Chung hope to help capable students shine in Math and inspire them to become creative students who are eager to learn and love to think.

Producer: Tsoi Yuen-yi, Margaret
Assistant Producer: Lam Ka-po, Karena

Outstanding Teachers 2018

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  • Completed
The new season of this programme consists of eight episodes and introduces eight groups of teachers who were honoured with the Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence in 2016 and 2017, along with their award-winning initiatives. The show takes the form of a documentary, visiting each school to learn how the teaching teams optimise their strategies to match curriculum reforms. As society continues to develop, teachers are actively combining new ideas and technologies to implement their teaching philosophies, so as to enhance student interest and ability in learning, as well as to foster an environment in which teaching and learning complement each other.
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