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Dreams of wheels

When you pedal a bike with your feet you can travel in different cities to see different sights.

When you make a bike with your hands you can create different styles to realise your imaginative ideas.

Gary Chan, a bike maker, was a worker at a plastic bag printing factory 10 years ago. An accidental brush with a cyclist who hurled expletives at him galvanised him into creating his own bike. Despite his lack of knowledge about bicycles, he managed to create his first bike with only his application and determination using makeshift tools and discarded material. This embarks him on an unusual and adventurous journey.

He furtively assembled his bike in the corridor of a factory building and test-ran it on the streets in the middle of the night. The falls and injuries he sustained did not deter him from devoting himself to creating his bike because the freedom for creativity and self-expression seems to keep growing. So are the styles of the bikes he made with his hands. There is a scooter bike, a Harley pedal bike, a reclining bike and a two-headed bike, to name a few. They are interesting and fun to ride on.

Making bikes was originally a kind of self-indulgence for Gary. But fate would have it that when he was trial-running his solar-powered tricycle on the road he was charged and fined. It made the news and his bikes became known. Artists and designers came knocking at his door to work with him. Gary’s creative journey has the potential to go further. He may even be able to turn it into a career, depending on his imagination and determination to explore.

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