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I Can Do It

Episode 6 “I Can Do It” Inclusive Education

Every child has his / her right to learn and grow up in a pleasant environment, but students with physical or mental disabilities are often facing great challenges when they are learning. In this episode, we will go abroad and find out whether different regions are facing the same challenges when promoting the same objectives.

Taiwan, like Hong Kong, began to promote inclusive education in the 90’s, and she has law to protect the students with special needs to receive appropriate education and be free from discrimination. Today, the system in Taiwan is well-established.

In UK, inclusive education system is even more mature, every school has her own Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), who is responsible for establishing and following up study plans for special students, and assessing their progress. These coordinators are well-trained in special education and training, and they are specialists who are experienced in special education.

Perfect Puzzle

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Since 1994, Hong Kong has become a member of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), and this year will mark the 21st anniversary of Hong Kong’s membership. The implementation of the Convention not only relies on the shoulder of the Government, but also on every adult. We must put into consideration the needs of children in every aspect of our lives and act on the Convention in accordance with its ideal, so as to allow our children to grow healthily in a social environment under protection. On the other hand, children need to understand their own rights as well.

In order to ensure that our children can grow up healthily, supports from various aspects are required, for instance, education, healthcare, living environment, welfare, family care and food, as well as a balanced development of the body and respects to different cultures and religions. Our affection to children cannot only be maintained by the law, but also by the public. Unity and common belief are what necessary to carry out the rights of children, and such perfect puzzle can only be completed without any missing pieces.
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