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Daring Love

Former TVB news anchor Akina Fong has a rational and tough image. When Akina talks about her husband, the sweet smile of a young girl’s first love always appears on her face. She is the kind of woman who will be faithful till the end after making her decision – just like her mother.

Mrs. Fong is a Macanese, and she came to Hong Kong when she was 10 odd years old. She worked in a plastic advertising sign shop in Causeway Bay, while Mr. Fong worked as a driver of a rice store. As the shop and the store are facing each other, Mrs. Fong has drawn Mr. Fong’s attention. Mrs. Fong was 14 and Mr. Fong was 19 at that time. One day, Mr. Fong plucked up his courage to invite Mrs. Fong to go to a movie, and she gladly accepted the invitation. In fact, she also has her eyes on this handsome young man for some time.

They live together after dating for several years. (Very “Avantgarde” indeed!) Their daughter even found out that her parents might have got married because her mother was pregnant. And this was once an “unmentionable secret” in the family.

After they had got married, Mr. Fong worked even harder than before, hoping to bring a happy life for his wife and daughters. He took an opportunity to purchase a car air-conditioning repair shop with his friend. Although he was the boss, he did have to work hands-on. Mrs. Fong also helped out and worked in the oily and smelly environment, but she never complained. In addition, the garage shop was once on the verge of going into bankruptcy, Mrs. Fong offered her dowry to support her husband with no hesitation, and today Mr. Fong still appreciates her kindness.

Mr. and Mrs. Fong decided to retire this year, and Akina finds that her parents have switched their roles. Before, Mr. Fong was the boss of the household, and after his retirement, he follows Mrs. Fong’s decisions. They have started a new way to live with each other.

Hong Kong Stories - Their love stories

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The ten episodes of “Their Love Stories” will be based on ten families, with the younger generations investigating the love stories of the older generations as the main storyline. The love stories of parents or grandparents could be burgeoned in predicament with mutual love and care; they could be grown by mutual respects with discontent stands in the way; they could be lifetime affection; and they could be lifelong regrets.

The perception of romance from the two generations can be comprehended in the course of investigation. Besides the loves stories, what matters more is that the younger generations will better understand the older generations, and learn the ambience and environment of different eras in Hong Kong.

The programme is filmed as a documentary, from the first-person perspective of the youth. Through interviews with elders and relatives, and searching for photos and letters, youngsters seek to understand the stories of parents or grandparents in their days. During the investigation, the youngsters’ personal feelings and perception of love interweave, and at the same time, changes of relationship between the youngsters and their families are recorded.

The programme ends with a love letter written by the younger generations for the older generations, with the content supplemented by aesthetic mood and images, in a bid to let the audience feel its sentiment.
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