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Knowledge Zone 2015 Epi 5 [ Talk 1 - A Tour of Historical Sites of Celestial Mythological Origin ; T


Knowledge Zone 2015 Epi 5 [ Talk 1 - A Tour of Historical Sites of Celestial Mythological Origin ; T

The endless universe is vast and mysterious. Since thousands of years ago, humans have been exploring this boundless universe with their never-ending thirst for knowledge, and in the course of such exploration, a bit of reverie and a touch of imagination are always in company.

The Hong Kong Space Museum has invited Mr. LUNG Ka-fai, the vice president of an amateur astronomical organisation “Sky Observers’ Association”, to deliver a seminar titled “A Tour of Historical Sites of Celestial Mythological Origin”. The speaker has more than ten years of experience as an astronomical lecturer and he is also conversant with Greek mythology. He has travelled deep into the Greece and the Aegean Sea regions and visited various historical sites which mark Greek mythology. This seminar is a synthesis of astronomy, zodiac, mythology and his travelogue.

As technology advances unceasingly, humans’ knowledge about the universe has gradually evolved from mythological imagination to scientific observation and calculation. Professor TANG Tong-bor, the expert adviser of the Hong Kong Space Museum, has been studying astronomy and astrophysics. In his lecture titled “Life in Other Worlds: the Story Continues”, he discusses how the latest astronomical technology reveals the possible existence of extraterrestrial beings.

This episode of “Invisible Treasures” will introduce the industry of “Mirror Painting of Deity Image” which has been gradually declining in recent years.

Producer: MA Tsz-kwan, Clarissa

Broadcast on Wednesday 30 March 2016
on RTHK TV 31 (6:00 p.m.)

Knowledge Zone

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The 'Knowledge Zone 2015' is a TV magazine programme for family hours. With HK local culture as the main theme, it includes different talks & seminars, short documentaries on the Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory of HK and aimations with local characters, these all help to provide knowledgeable information and interesting stories to children and students.
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